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A Binocular Microscope refers to any microscope with two eyepieces. Compound or high power microscopes typically have two eyepieces which view images through a single high-power objective lens. The image presented to each eye is a flat, 2-dimensional 'mono' image. It is therefore also possible to have single eyepiece compound microscopes, which are typically very low cost systems used for educational purposes. Optical Components of Binocular Microscope: There are two optical systems in a compound microscope: Eyepiece Lenses and Objective Lenses: Eyepiece or Ocular is what you look through at the top of the microscope. Typically, standard eyepieces have a magnifying power of 10x. Optional eyepieces of varying powers are available, typically from 5x-30x. Eyepiece Tube holds the eyepieces in place above the objective lens. Binocular microscope heads typically incorporate a diopter adjustment ring that allows for the possible inconsistencies of our eyesight in one or both eyes. The monocular (single eye usage) microscope does not need a diopter. Binocular microscopes also swivel (Interpupillary Adjustment) to allow for different distances between the eyes of different individuals. Objective Lenses are the primary optical lenses on a microscope. They range from 4x-100x and typically, include, three, four or five on lens on most microscopes. Objectives can be forward or rear-facing. Nosepiece houses the objectives. The objectives are exposed and are mounted on a rotating turret so that different objectives can be conveniently selected. Standard objectives include 4x, 10x, 40x and 100x although different power objectives are available. Coarse and Fine Focus knobs are used to focus the microscope. Increasingly, they are coaxial knobs - that is to say they are built on the same axis with the fine focus knob on the outside. Coaxial focus knobs are more convenient since the viewer does not have to grope for a different knob. Stage is where the specimen to be viewed is placed. A mechanical stage is used when working at higher magnifications where delicate movements of the specimen slide are required. Stage Clips are used when there is no mechanical stage. The viewer is required to move the slide manually to view different sections of the specimen. Aperture is the hole in the stage through which the base (transmitted) light reaches the stage. Illuminator is the light source for a microscope, typically located in the base of the microscope. Most light microscopes use low voltage, halogen bulbs with continuous variable lighting control located within the base. Condenser is used to collect and focus the light from the illuminator on to the specimen. It is located under the stage often in conjunction with an iris diaphragm. Iris Diaphragm controls the amount of light reaching the specimen. It is located above the condenser and below the stage. Most high quality microscopes include an Abbe condenser with an iris diaphragm. Combined, they control both the focus and quantity of light applied to the specimen. Condenser Focus Knob moves the condenser up or down to control the lighting focus on the specimen. Microscope, Binocular microscope



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Physics lab equipments
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Physics lab equipments

Acid accumulator 2 volt Ammeter AC/DC any range Ammeter digital Aneroid barometer Ammeter DC Analog Angular mirror app(Multiple image) Astronqmical telescope Indian Battery eliminator 2-12V 2 amps Battery eliminator 2-12V 3 amps Electric hot plate with 3 heat switch Ball & Ring on stand Ball & Ring apparatus hand Bell in Bell jar glass Dynamo AC/DC Double inclined plane with channel Density meter (light chemicals) Density meter heavy chemical Discharge tube with holder power supply working Electroplating app Ebonite rod Electrical joules calorimeter meter Electro magnet Electric bell demonstration model Electric model regular Electric model supirior with different coil Glass cutter Fortin barometer w/o mercury Geometrical model set a. 15x30cm b. 10x15cm Galvanometer Glass prism 1st quality 2” 50mm Equilateral Glass prism right angle 50mm Glass slab 75*50*18mm Glass slab 100*50*18mm Gold leaf electroscope Glass rod/ or Ebonite rod for above Half meter scale Half meter scale with handle Hooks law app Horse shoe magnet 2” Horse shoe magnet 3” Hares apparatus Hoffman’s voltmeter Heating effect of electricity House circuit (dmestic circuit) Inclined plane apparatus Induction coil 10mm spark(for cathodray tube) Induction coil 25mm Inclined plane with channel Keledioscope Lens holder wooden Lechlanche cell set old pattern Lechlanche cell electronic Lever of three order with stand Linear expansion app (Specefic heat app) Lactometer Laser Red ordinary Laser Red long supirior Laser Green Supirrior Laser with transformer & stand Lens convex 2" 5cmf Lens convex 2" 10cmf Lens convex 2" 15cmf Lens convex 2" 20,25,30,40cmf Lens 3" convex only 20cfl avilable Lens 4" convex only 20cfl avilable Lens concave 2" 10cfl Lens concave 2" 15cfl Lens concave 2" 20cfl or 25mm Lens concave 3" Lens concave 4" Potentiometer 1wire Potentiometer 4 wire Resonance apparatus New type Rain gauge apparatus Resistance coil 1,2,3,4,5,10 ohms Reflection of light Reflection of sound Resistance wire (100g) Rheostats 8” Rheostats 12” Resistance box 1 – 10 ohms 1 – 100 ohms 1 – 500 ohms 1 – 1000 ohms 1 – 10000 ohms Screw gauge 10mm Screw gauge 20mm Screw gauge 25mm Stop watch mechanical Stop clock Stop watch digital Stop watch Table model digital Solenoid simple on stand Sonometer w/o weight Screw gauge demonsration model Spirit level wooden Spiral spring (Helical spring) Spring balance flat Spring balance tubular Spectrometer 6” body Spectrometer prism Simple circuit board Simple voltaic cell Sphaerometer Spherometer demonstration model Silinky spring (Helical spring) Tuning fork set of 8 small pye type Tunning fork loose big welch type Tuning fork set of 8 Welch type big Tuning fork rubber pad Thermometer clinical Thermometer Celsius Thermometer room small 8” Thermometer Fahrenheit Thermometer max-min Transformer step UP/Step down Traveling microscope Tangent galvanometer U tube with stand Thermostate switch Thermometer chemical Red filled Tyndall effect app (stand,3beaker+laser) Vernier caliper 5” Vernier caliper demonstration model Voltmeter AC/DC Voltmeter DC Wind mill model Box type Wind mill on stand with meter & bulb Water turbine model Hydropower model Bio gas plant Demonstration model of Screw gauge Demonstration model of Vernier caliper Demonstration model of Spherometer Discharge tube (gassier tube) with stand & power supply Faradays law Generation of electricity Spectrum discharge tube hydrogen,Neon oxygen X-ray tube Rocket model wooden (not working) Torch with cell Demonstration model lens set Optical kit with ray box & all fiber glass acceccories. Air/vaccum pump for above Bimetal strip Black board instrument box plastic regular Black board instruments box wooden Compass wooden spare Devider wooden spare Protractor wooden spare Brass pins Battery cell 9 volt Battery lead acumulator 6 volt Bolyes law apparatus Bucket & cylinder Brass wire (100gram) Binocular regular model Binocular superior imported Binocular Onlympus small model Capillary tube 12” Carbon rod with terminal Cathode ray tube different 5 types or avialable Cathodray tube power supply Induction coil 25mm for above Centre of gravity toys App. To show presser of liquid (pascal syringe) Copper voltammeter Copper plate with terminal Induced current app Coefficient of linear expn app Compass 38mm Compass both side glass 18mm Compass with locking Compass 50mm Compass 75mm Compass 100mm Conductivity of metal Camera Digital (on request) Camera Regular Connecting wire DCC wire Concave mirror 2" Concave mirror 3” Concave mirror 4” Convex mirror 2" Convex mirror 3" Convex mirror 4” Crook radio meter (solar mill) Cylinder set of 5 Cubes metal set 0f 6 small Cubes metal set of 6 big Daniel cell complete Direct vision spectroscope DCC wire (meter) Drawing board 12*18 inch Drawing board 23*16 inch Deflagration spoon brass Delivery (glass bent) tube Drawing pins Dynamo AC Dynamo DC Lens 2" Plano concave Lens 2" plano convex Magnetic field apparatus supirior Magnetic needles on stand plastic Magnetic needles on stand Metal Bar magnets 2” Bar magnets 3” Bar magnets 4” Bar magnets 6” Magnet circular (Round) Magnet Dumble type (Ball ended) Electro magnet Magnet Natural ore Magnet floating on stand Magnet special very strong 2" Magnet special very strong 3" Round magnet Mariners compass on stand Magnifier with frame2” Magnifier with frame 3” Magnifier with frame 4” Meter scale wooden with handle (broad) Meter scale superior Metal stand with clamp Meter bridge Mirror strip 4"x1" Mirror strip holder plastic Mercury metal for barometer Multiple image app Microphone Newton colour disc Hand operated Newton 1st law Newton 2nd law Newton 3rd law Over flow jar plastic Optical bench with rider wooden simple Optical bench metal double rod 4 Rider all metal Ohm’s law apparatus Optical bench wooden parts a. L - shap stand with bulb holder b. White screen c. Lens holder Periscope wooden superior Photo electric effect apparatus(Burglar alarm) Persistence of vision Pendulum bob iron 18mm loose Pendulum bob set of 6 18mm Pendulum bob stand big Pendulum bob with small stand Physical balance w/o weight Physical weight box iron Physical weight box brass Plug key 1 way : 90.00, Double : Pin hole camera wooden Supirior Pulley single Pulley double Pulley triple Voltmeter digital Wheel & axle model Wave motion apparatus Water voltmeter Water level apparatus Wax Zinc plate Zinc rod



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